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The next chapter in my already incredible Zscaler journey, now taking what was achieved with SecurityAscent and exponentially scaling the very best cloud security professional services program in North America — with Xalient!

— Kevin Peterson

How much are you losing each day by not having your Zscaler platform completely rolled out?

The entire C-Suite knows what Zscaler is going to do to help their bottom line. They understand that this move, above all else, will drive the success of the entire cybersecurity program and all it touches. 

Zscaler themselves realize this, which is why they offer the kickstart Deployment Advisory Service (DAS) as a way to ensure that the minimally viable product is rolled out within the critical first few months. 

Clearly, everyone realizes that for each day they are not fully implemented to best practices and capabilities, is likely another day that they are losing money. And the call-to-action lies in determining just how fast the executive leadership needs to go and then making that happen.    




I have never seen a Zscaler implementation fail to deliver. But I have seen some fail to deliver on the desired/required timeline. And I have seen many fail to deliver the security results due to poor operational execution and/or mismanagement. 

When it comes to the mix of fiscal and cyber performance, the CIOs and CISOs that are reporting on the program’s success at the board level also know that getting fully operational to best practice levels is where the savings really are. 

Our service is not about staff augmentation and certainly not about hours billed. It is about getting in and out as fast as possible, leaving you and your team comfortably in the driver’s seat of the super high performance platform you deserve.

Kevin Peterson, CISSP

Founder | Cybersecurity Practice Leader

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